Monday, February 18, 2013

Automass Rd.2 2012

Met up with Brett and the rest of the guys then made our way to Chicago.
Seeing Brett trailer his car made me realize I really need to get a truck sometime so I'm not stuck driving my car to events.  We ended up making it there late at night, grabbed some White Castle (we don't have those in Des Moines or anywhere nearby that I know of) and checked into the hotel.
Now like I've said before, I don't know what it is, but I am ALWAYS late.  Doesn't matter what I do, I AM LATE.  I woke up 2 hours in advance to make sure I would be early to the event.  I needed to get fuel (not really badly but I needed it if I was going to be sliding all day) so me and Becca packed everything up that we brought into the hotel and checked out.  We were looking great on time a full hour to drive 5 blocks and get some fuel... But that's not possible for me to be on time or early.  Instead a train decided to sit a few inches away from blocking the road and make it so the arms were down.  It sat there for over 45 minutes!!!  This ended up making it so I didn't have time for fuel and showed up with only 5 minutes to spare.  At least I made it tho right?
Here are a bunch of my favorite pics we took while at the event.
We then had our drivers meeting which consisted of, don't be an idiot, wait your turn, tandem rules, and if you're being dangerous out there (coming way too close to the crowd) then you're done for the day.  Pretty laid back and awesome sounding to me!

The first part of the morning was rather cold, if I remember right it wasn't much more than 35 degrees.  This made for a rather slick surface which didn't help because it was already rough as shit to begin with.  It didn't take long for a bad situation to arise.

As you can see, this car looked good...then, not so good.
After a few more runs from that session my group was up.  Now I hadn't slid once yet on the new front LCA setup which I just realized I forgot to mention I also removed my front sway bar which was having fitment issues which forced me to remove it.  The added steering angle made up for it tho.  I only spun out 2 maybe 3 times and from there forward I had perfect runs the rest of the day.
The car was feeling good. after that session it was watch and wait, then go, then watch and wait some more.  Rather then talking about each of them I'm just going to throw up some pics at random.
After the first half of the day everyone took a lunch break.  I used this time to check out the car show and see what the people of Chicago had for clean cars...Talk about some good looking shit!  Way way way better then the Des Moines scene.
Right back to the action and someones car decided to take a piss on the course.  Integra to the rescue!!!
After a while of doing single runs I started to get a little...well...tired of it.  What I really wanted to do was join the tandem groups and try doing tandem.  So to get the much needed attention I began to do a little bit of showing off.
They didn't like me doing that very much because now that I did it other people had the idea that they too could do some showing off.  So I quickly put an end to that and finished off the session with some really good solid runs.  I had also just thrown on my other set of rears which liked to throw off a lot more smoke than my other ones.
As I was coming back into the pits I was stopped by one of the guys running it and told to join in when the next tandem group goes out.  Looks like my showing off paid off in the end!

This was my first time doing tandem, well minus drifting behind Brett a few times, but we were never close enough to call it Tandem, also at proving grounds he followed me for a run, but again there was a good amount of distance.  I slowly began to get nervous.  I really didn't want to spin out and cause a wreck.  But after the first run which went incredibly well, consisted of me passing someone mid drift all my worries were gone.
In the end I felt like I did great, and all of my friends kept telling me how good of a job I did.  I guess I must be meant to do this sort of thing.

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