Monday, February 18, 2013

Bump It

After 6 months of being without a bumper I decided it was time I put it back on, only with a little added flare to it.  Bought a hole saw and went to work measuring out the distances then drilled away!
Then from there slapped some paint on it.  It's a crap paint job too...I accidently bought the S14 maroon and not the S13 "cherry red" so the colour is wrong.  Plus since I was being lazy I bought a single stage which didn't like laying very well.  It's not that bad looking from a distance or in pics so I'm okay with it, plus I plan on getting a body kit in the near future so oh well.
I didn't wet sand or buff it either.  Too much work if you ask me.  I quickly rushed and did this with intentions of simply experimenting with the holes to see if it's something I liked.  Turns out, I like the way it looks a lot.  I think it looks great minus being the wrong colour.

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