Monday, February 18, 2013

Cage Time Part 1

After I had the passenger seat situation all figured out it was time to get ready for the new cage.  I started by taking the bolt in half cage out.
After that was all taken care of I figured out a day to drop the car off to get the cage work done, turns out I was a little antsy as it wasn't going to be for another week till I would be dropping it off.  In the mean time my AEM EMS and wideband arrived in the mail along with a Schroth harness for the passenger seat.
 The much anticipated week went by and I dropped the car off after work one day.  On a side note, driving without the half cage in the car felt incredibly weird I had no idea how much flex that just a half cage took out of the chassis.

Some time went by and slowly the cage began coming together.
I really liked the way he did the mounting boxes!

We also had a discussion about the main hoop.  The pics I posted are of the second hoop he made as I didn't like the first one and made him change it.

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