Monday, February 18, 2013

Cage Time Part 2

Got some more updates on the cage from Joe.  He made sure to go over every detail before doing something after the issue with the main hoop.
The two pics are his "mock up" pieces.  What he did was make a mock up pipe first, then fitted it into the car, sent me a pic or had me come over to make sure I liked it, then once approved he made the actual piece.
Now I could stretch the cage postings out into a 15 part posting, but that would be stupid so I'm going to go ahead and skip ahead on the cage construction up to where the door bars where being made.  These I had him make it so they would be as close to the doors as possible so the levers on the seat sliders could be reached and same thing with the truck/gas door release.  I also had him make it so they were as high as possible without cutting the dash.  I really really really love the way they turned out.

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