Monday, February 18, 2013

Cage Time Part 3

This will be my last installment of the cage, mainly because there isn't much left to show other then the completed project.  I'm incredibly happy with the way it turned out.  In the future I do plan on adding more to the cage, I'm personally not a huge gusset fan, so don't ever expect to see any of those.  The only thing I'm not 100% happy about is that the forward bars aren't closer to the pillars, which really isn't all that big of a deal, just something that I wouldn't mind having been done a little different.  (I'm super picky when it comes to cages).  Anyway lets move on to the pics!

One other thing I feel I should mention is the cage was spray bombed with some colour matched spray paint, it's really lightly painted on there so just climbing in and out 2-3 times scratched it and it has plenty of marks from putting the seats back in.  I do intend on properly painting it along with the rest of the inside of the car once I get around to removing all the sound detaining material.

It feels good finally having a full weld in cage in the car.  Now once I go out to an event I'll be able to tandem, which by the way I made plans to do some tandem for Automass Rd.2 2012 coming up in just a few days after the cage was finished.

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