Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forgetful Me Part 2 (Drift Iowa)

October 20th.  What a date for a drift event, going out on a limb with something so close to winter, I remember times as a kid where it was snowing on Halloween so for those of you who don't live far enough north this should give you a good idea about how cold it can be.  Luckly the weather was looking good for the day, the morning however was still rather chilly, especially with the sun not being out yet.  I left late like always but thanks to a little bit of some disobeying of the speed limit I made it there on time, actually, I was early!
The event turned out to be a great success!  It was primarily full of local guys, one out of state from IL.  I was really happy seeing this pull through and work out so well.  This showed just how much the drift scene had grown over the year.  In January if someone had asked me about doing a drift event here I would have laughed and highly doubted it be possible to get enough people.  Somehow we did it, and hopefully this will be an annual event that continues to grow in size.
We slide like a group of crazies all morning, and throughout the morning a crowd began to show up and watch the event.  Way more people came out than any of us had expected to see!  We took a break for lunch then came back to a new layout.  Decided to switch things up for all the drivers to make the event that much more fun.  On top of that to make sure not only the drivers were having fun we had it open so anyone that wanted could hop in anyone's car for a ride along, well as long as the driver was okay with it which we all were.  I can't count the number of people that went for a ride with me, every pass another person was jumping in for a ride and for the few that I had a bad run I made sure they stayed in the car for a proper pass.
In the end it all went great with very few people having a break down which happened at the end of the day so they didn't miss out on any of the action.  I think this event really put a surprise on peoples faces.  I know it sure did leave all the red necks confused!

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