Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forgetful Me Part 3

I'm thinking this might be the rest of everything I forgot to post on here.  Pretty much a couple random things.  Lets start with Christmas time.  Around December time after watching some killer videos with Becca both of us came up with the idea that we wanted to start doing video.  We had been thinking about actually spending the time to get good at taking photos but there are just way too many people who buy a DSLR and suddenly claim they are photographers, which by the way to clear things up, neither one of us think we are photographers, the water marks in some photos were simply put on there for when they were shared on forums/facebook.  We figured if someone comes across one they really like we would like them to know who took the pic.  Enough of me rambling on and on, lets get to the point shall we.  Christmas time came and I surprised Becca with a Cannon T3i and one of the most bad ass 64GB cards I have ever had the privilege to hold.  With this we have decided to make plans on documenting my 2013 season with video and of course some pictures on the side.  We've still got a lot of gear to buy but at least we have the camera portion out of the way.
Then to top off Christmas I went and bought myself a used Sparco seat for the simulator.  My cat Tigger absolutely loves it.
Shortly after my B-Day I stumbled across a 300zx for sale, and for one hell of a killer deal at that!  I showed it to Becca since she's been looking at getting herself a drift car and she was hooked.  Initially we had plans to do some work on my 280z but after getting it back from an old friend I quickly realized it wasn't going to be an option with all the abuse and damage that had been done to it.  So I put her up for sale and got it sold.  This is the main reason why I had been browsing through cars online.  I called the guy up and made arrangements to go pick it up that weekend.  It was now time to put the Toyota to the test and see how well she tows!  Rented a trailer from UHaul then set sail for Milwakee Wisconsin!
We arrived around 7pm or so, checked the car over to make sure everything was good, then loaded her up on the trailer to set sail for home.
Come out next time to get fuel the weather had decided to take a turn on us spitting out freezing rain mixed with snow. (this truck gets horrible gas mileage, without the trailer I'm lucky to get 280 miles on a full tank.  As you can imagine towing a car doesn't help any.)
Eventually we made it home, which wasn't until 4am or so thanks to the weather.  Tired of the long trip consisting of well over 12 hours we went straight to sleep.  The next morning we unloaded the car took it to the car wash introduced it to Igna.
From there we took it home to Beccas.
For those of you wondering about the car, it's a non-turbo 5 speed.  Yes, that's some bitchin red interior, it also has some black corbeau seats in it which was a plus!  Lastly the car is a 91 and it has a low mileage motor from a 93 in it. I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "why would you get the non-turbo" well there are a couple reasons why.  First one being the price was impossible to beat, the money spent on gas and renting a trailer almost cost as much as the car.  Next neither one of us are big fans of the v6 motor, not saying that they are bad or anything, just don't really care for them, plus for anyone who has worked on the turbo engine I'm sure you know just how much it sucks to work on with such little amounts of room to do anything.  The plans for the car consist of throwing in a lightweight flywheel/6 puck clutch, beating the living shit out of it this summer, then come winter time swapping in a JZ motor and doing a really basic single turbo setup.  Of course throughout the summer I'm sure we will get some other parts here and there such as wheels and suspension components.

I hope this wraps up everything I forgot, see you next post!

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