Monday, February 18, 2013

Hydro Handbrake Part 2

A few days later I got to work on mounting it.  Happy with how it turned out I bought the remaining hardware needed, and also made a trip to the parts store for some brake lines...only issue is the one thread pitch on the master cylinder is a goofy one it's a 7/16-20 inverted flare.  So unfortunatley I wasn't going to be able to hook it up right away.  For now I simply threw it in the car.  Using a piece of paper I marked out the mounting holes, taped it down in the car and used that for my drilling marks.
Mounting it was kind of a bitch, mainly because there is hardly any room to get to the bolts. Getting my hand up in the tranny tunnel and around the trans was quite the task. It also took 2 people to do since one needed to be under the car while one was inside. Definitely worth it tho, fits beautifully and has plenty of clearance away from the shifter.
A couple days later my order of fittings from summit arrived...Now bear with me on this one, at the time I didn't know about tube sleeves and tube nuts so I used a rather crazy assortment of fittings to adapt to what I needed.
Measured the lengths needed and cut the brake lines, then installed everything.
For those of you wondering how everything is routed I made some colour coded images for everyone to look over.
And here's a final photo showing everything installed and the clearance between the handle and the shifter.  I have it in first gear in this pic and as you can see there is plenty of room.

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