Friday, February 15, 2013

It Adds Character

Not long after picking up the car I met up with some old friends from elementary school who also have 240's, only theirs are super clean, and really fucking nice!  Mine on the other hand, well, it wasn't made to be a show stopper.  Parked next to them I really got to noticing why people didn't look mine over and why I would get dirty looks from time to time.

Shameful to look at mine, dirty, clear coat pealing, ugly, I really wish mine looked good like theirs.  Well, I've got news for you, the car got worse before it got better.  One night heading out to go have some fun a deer met my quarter panel...oddly enough, a deer hit me.  This shattered my quarter glass and made a huge dent in my quarter panel.  With the damage done to the rim of the window I wasn't able to replace it with new glass  so I quickly made a fiberglass one with some fiberglass that was laying around.

I was told "it adds character"

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