Monday, February 18, 2013

MAP Proving Grounds 2012

July came rather quickly which meant time for Proving Grounds.  I told a bunch of my friends about it and got a decent sized group to head out there.  For drifting there was myself, Brett, and Luke.  Everyone else came for the drag racing (Pretty much everyone where I live is into drag racing).  The event started on a Friday but do to work I didn't have the option to make it that day.  So instead the second I got off I finished packing everything that I needed, had Luke come pick up my spare wheels/tires and took off for Brainerd which is 370 miles away.  The drive up there was going smoothly up until we passed Minneapolis and were bombarded with construction.  After a while I let my girlfriend Becca take over driving, which after she took over we realized she should have driven first since she has night blindness and the highway she drove on had a ridiculous amount of construction going on and no street 240 headlights don't work for shit either so it was rather difficult for her to see.

Eventually we made it tho, checked into a hotel and went to sleep.  Woke up the next morning and headed out to the track...late...we are always late to everything no matter how early we wake up or get ready at it doesn't matter, we are always late.  Got to the track took care of registration and tech when Brett and Luke showed up later then me even!  Aside from the mess of arriving there late and everything else we went through to make it there the event was a HUGE success!  To sum it all up, it's straight party madness.  You race all day with an entry fee that was next to nothing, there's good food, cool as shit people, some insanely awesome cars, and at night they party hard with more alcohol then anyone should ever consume, camp fires, loud music, and the occasional fire works that weren't supposed to be there.

Here are some pics of the drifting for your enjoyment.  It's a combination of photographers, credit goes out to Erik Bloom, Miles Ritters, Michael Born, and Becca Davidson.

So apparently it turned out I was a lot better then I thought I was.  I placed 7th in qualifying out of a good 30+ drivers.  First round I was paired up against Gonzo (S14 in the last pic) who was the best guy there and went into sudden death against him where I made a mistake and spun out which gave him the win.

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