Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday I got a message from my friend Matt saying that the rest of my parts had arrived including the Sparco suit.  Good new for me, and on top of that he still had his gold 17x9 XXR 962 which he has been trying to sell for several months now.  I met up with him to pick up all my parts I had ordered and buy the wheels of him, unfortunately he wasn't able to get the tires dismounted from them on such short notice so for now I paid him for the wheels.
I really like ordering parts through Matt, he gets great prices on everything, I can trust him, and he keeps you informed on everything.  Perfect example is this last order I placed through him.  Right away after making the order he found out the Sparco Suit I asked for was out of stock and they weren't able to get one, after telling him there wasn't a different suit that I had much interest in he was able to sweet talk them into somehow getting their hands on a suit within a weeks time to ship out.  This was the reason why it took an extra week to get my parts.  When the first bunch of parts started to arrive he let me know they had made it, then the second the suit arrived he informed me right away and set everything up to get the parts to me.  When I met up with him he had everything in 2 boxes and went through every part with me to ensure they were all there, that's when we found out the spark plug well gaskets were missing along with the kill switch, however the lever key for the kill switch was there.  No big deal tho, he got right on the problem and is going to be making sure I get the 2 missing parts.

It was late last night when I got everything home and I didn't have time to open them all up to check everything out and take pictures of each part.  So for now I've got a shot of everything in their boxes.
There is one thing that I felt a need to check out, and that was the Sparco Suit.  The blue bag had me a little concerned because I had ordered a black suit.  So of course I opened that to make sure it all checked out.  Black Jade suit that was a large, exactly what I ordered.  Then I figured while I had it out, might as well try it on to make sure it fits right.  I thought it would be a little bit more baggy on me, but actually I found out it fits damn near perfect!  Has a little more of a constrained feeling then I had expected tho, which I only felt when I lifted my hands above my head while sitting, also it wasn't nearly as hot as I thought it would be.  That or my room is colder then I think it is.
Now I just need to get some driving gloves for when I have the suit on, I'm really tempted to get some sparco shoes, and lastly I think a reflective face shield is a must.  That clear shield doesn't look right on there.

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