Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking Care of Business

After driving around for a day I noticed there was still some more work to be done, my ride height was way out of wack!  The front was sitting way higher then the rear, the old wheels had a smaller sidewall tire up front then it did in the rear which balanced her out, but now with the same size there was some lowering to be done.

Pulled a wheel off and went to loosen up the coilovers...just my luck, seized up and the cheap shitty wrenches I had from my old cars weren't man enough for the job.  So I had to wait a week for some 10mm think Tien wrenches to arrive in the mail.

As you can see, they are much nicer then my old ones were.

Now lets get to work on the suspension!  Jacked the car up, pulled the wheels off, and found myself in a pickle...These coils were really badly seized up!
So I tried using a ratchet...

That didn't work...Time to get out the cheater bar!
Event with that I couldn't get them to come loose!!!  So I sprayed some PB blaster on there, waited, tried again to still end up failing.  I wasn't going to give up that easily tho!  I rigged up a method to hold the cheater bar in place while got a running start and slammed into it which after 3 attempts I got it to work!  TAKE THAT SEIZED UP COILS!  Lowered the front an 1 1/4"
Satisfied with the new height, I took her out for a spin to see how it was.  First corner going left and again...another problem I needed to take care of...The wheel found a way to rub on the harness.  With a little bit of thinking I came up with a solution to my problem.
Not exactly the most beautiful looking thing in the world, but it works, and it works good!

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