Friday, February 15, 2013

The Begining

Lets get to crackin' away at this.  Years ago back when I was going through drivers ed cars had just begun to really capture my attention.  Now I always liked them, checking out some car shows here and there with family, and playing countless hours of racing games, but I had never really been involved.  I was a young highschool punk.  This is going back to before cable internet was around, rocking dial up searching around for stuff.  One day I remember searching around on google, I have no idea what I typed in to find this but I came across a video of some street racing, little did I know how much it would effect me.  This was just a 10min video, I remember it took HOURS! to download it!  Turned out to be the best most influential videos I've ever had the privilege of watching.  What I discovered was a bunch of Japanese guys sliding their cars around on mountain passes, and from that day forward I knew what I wanted to do.

For those of you curious about what video it was, I found it on youtube recently, I hope you like it!

I found myself infatuated with 240sx but my parents on the other hand, well, they were all about keeping it American.  My first car being an old Jeep Wrangler, which wasn't exactly about a street racing machine.  Not long after having it I blew out the diff when leaving school and was able to to convince the rents that I should get a nice sports car.  This led to me obtaining a 2001 Mustang Bullit.  This was the car I first learned to get sideways with, and it was also short lived after having an encounter with the police before I even had my license.

Now lets fast forward a ways to when I first started racing.  It didn't take long for me to discover where people met up to go street racing, I raced a lot, and I mean A LOT!  Didn't care what you had, faster, slower, same speed.  I would race anything that would line up next to me.  This is what really got people to know me, the kid with the CRX that'll race no matter what.  I won't a lot of races in that little guy, I also lost quite a bit, but it was fun.  I started learning about building a car to go faster, learned about all the different suspension parts, engine parts, you name it.  One of my biggest inspiration at the time was a close friend Bobby who had the meanest baby blue CRX in town, one of the first people to do the H22 swap back in 06 or something like that.

At that point in time all I cared about was being fast, which then turned into being fast and looking good while doing it.  After saving up some money and selling another Jeep Wrangler that I owned I purchased a 97 Civic with a built H2B swap in her.  Oh and it was clean as a whistle too!

I stayed in the Honda scene for a long time, playing around with both cars, putting new engines in, messing with nitrous, turbo setups, N/A setups, learned how to tune, chip ecu's, all sorts of things.  I was in it deep, so much that I can tell you anything you need to know almost, I knew every single bolt size on every bolt of both cars.  Then one day it all changed, I made a great deal trading the crx for a civic that I didn't like.  That's when my friend Matt said to me "why did you waste all your time and money on these Honda's when you say you've always wanted a 240sx?".  He made a good point, so I sold the civic I had just traded to get and found my 240.

Here she was, the day I first picked her up.

This was the beginning.

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