Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Event For 2013 Determined!

Just last weekend a group a friends went down to Topeka Kansas for their first event of the season.  With the current funding and car having a minor issue going on with a tension rod bracket I decided it wasn't something I could make it out to.  I sat at home working on some projects and doing research instead.  Then I saw facebook status and even video of the time they had, one consisting of Brett tapping a wall a tad bit harder then necessary.
 After seeing some pics and video of there experience at the event I was hit with a wave of motivation, something I've been needing to hit me all winter.  I finally decided to sit down and pick a date for the first event.  With a few already being sold out, my decision was made a little bit easier for me.  Club FR's event April 28th at USAIR.

Speaking of Club FR, I figure I should mention that a date for Automass has been determined.

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