Monday, August 26, 2013

Trying New Things

After having dealt with used tire issues for the past 2 years I decided it was finally time to let them go.  In order to become more consistent I need a consistent tire this way the car will be much more predictable and I'll be far more comfortable behind the wheel.

I've been hearing a lot about the Maxxis tires, in particular the MA-Z1 Victra's so I decided to place and order for a pair of 225/45r17 at the local shop Central Imports.  I went on down there with my bead bazooka and some new stems, quickly removed my old burnt up tires and mounted the pair waiting for me...That's when I noticed they had accidentally been delivered a pair of the MA-V1.  This wasn't the shops fault as they had asked for the Z1 like I requested but the company that delivers tires to them either didn't hear them properly or just grabbed the wrong rubber.

At this point I already had them mounted so I said screw it and decided to keep these, then here in the next couple weeks I'll get a pair of the Z1's ordered in.  I think this will actually play out nicely, I would love to experiment with a few different tires that way I know what works best rather then going off of what people say on the interwebs.  So for now, I've got these V1's mounted up, can't wait until Proving Grounds on the 6th - 8th to give these a go!

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