Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GKtech Custom Arms

With all the news coming out about some of the arms breaking I think it's time I started to take things a bit more seriously.  Apparently the "extreme" arms are having binding issues and breaking under bind and the Zero Ackerman arms mounted reversed are also having issues with binding and breaking.  Luckily for me with my combination of my PBM rack eccentric spacers and my SPL high misalignment outer tie rods, I'm not having any binding or over centering issues.  This basically puts mine out of risk of breaking, however since I'm not a fan of running something in a way that it has broken for others I've decided it's finally time I worked on making my own custom arms.

Currently I'm still in the prototype phase, right now I've got a local machine shop working on machining up the first one I will try.  I'm super excited to get it back so I can do some testing with it.  If all goes well I plan on having a finalized arm made and ready within the next 2 months.

As for some info on the design, I've slightly shortened the arm compared to the Zero Ackerman, actually they are even a few mm shorter then the Extremes as well.  I've also located the arm in a position which should put it at a very very slight amount of ackerman rather then zero.  I'm also thinking about making a second set of arms with more ackerman to be used on short tight tracks, but for now I'll just be focusing on the first set.


  1. Did you ever complete this process? I have the zero ackerman and JP special arms, but I really wanted a set of the extreme arms, or something similar. Unfortunately, I got in after the extreme arms were cancelled.

    1. I ended up selling my knuckles in fear of them breaking like my close friends and a lot of other people. Never finished this because of that and instead I modded a stock knuckle which worked out a lot better.