Tuesday, December 31, 2013

4AGE 20v COP Distributor Cap Completed

A while ago I took on a quick project for a friend to make a new distributor cap for his AE86.  The cap was to be shorter and sealed since he was converting to coil on plug.  Doing this it makes room for the distributor to fit without the need of banging out his firewall and cutting a hole.

So I quickly sketched up a 3D drawing and went off to the local machine shop where I had it machined.  Here's how the final product turned out.

Compared to stock.

This one showing the height difference of 43mm (1.7 inches)

Last up, what it looks like on the distributor...minus the bolts since I didn't have them.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Presents

Christmas time has come and gifts were given as well as received, and some great ones at that!  To start off the excitement lets take a look at what I got for Becca, some bitchin' camera lenses!

On the right we have an 8mm fish eye and on the right is the 50mm F/1.4.  For those of you that don't know f/1.4 means we'll have some bokehlicious picture capabilities!  Just to quick give you an example of what I mean take a look at this photo we took immediately after opening the box!

This should make for some rather exciting photos to come!

Of course she got many more things but I don't think anyone wants to read about all the different clothes and random gifts she had gotten, probably just care to see the interesting ones that will be seen again throughout the blog.  So on that note, lets move on to magnificent gifts she had given me.

Video Option DVDs!

Which now means I've officially started a collection of them.

I also had gotten some car parts.  This one might be my fave gift, Hello Kitty key cap to replace the old one I had lost at a bar and cried over for at least a week.

And lastly let's end this with a bang.  A DOC Race v band top mount which was made to order so hopefully it'll be arriving sometime next month!  I can't wait to have this in my hands!  With this and the purchase of a new turbo using v band housings I'll never have to worry about bolts backing out on me again!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had an amazing one!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

20v 4AGE Coil On Plug Distributor Cap

Just a quick shot of something I've been working on.  My friend Alec has an AE86 that he's swapping a 20v in.  One of the issues with the swap is the distributor on the back of the engine comes in contact with the firewall, to get around this you have the option of modifying the firewall (smashing it in a lot or cutting a portion of it out for the distributor and plug wires to fit) or doing a coil on plug conversion.  With the COP conversion it still retains the distributor, however the rotor is no longer needed so it can be cut down in size, and with a new shortened cap that doesn't have plug wires connecting to it the size is reduced enough to where the firewall doesn't need modified.

I had given the local machine shop the part file to have this made at the same time I had dropped off my custom steering arms.  Last Monday I had spoken with them and was told they would start machining them mid last week so they should be done this week...At least that's what I've been told, unfortunately things don't always go as planned especially since he has other larger customers that get the right of way to my small side projects.

Anyway I hope to have these parts in my hand by the end of the week and as soon as I do I'll make sure to post and update on it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JDM DVD Madness!

With winter now here and drift events being over for a while, I've decided that I've got a little extra cash I can put towards cool little things I've been wanting.  One of these things happens to be Video Option DVDs.  I'm a huge fan of D1 and watch it all the time on youtube, so why not get the DVD and be able to watch it all the time? After all it seams like the ones on youtube keep getting caught for copyright infringement and get removed.  I'm tired of this, plus I would really like to watch more up to date action.

So the other day I purchased my very first Video Option DVD.  I chose vol. 231 as it's the 2013 season opener of D1GP.

Right away I had the issue of it being a region 2 dvd since it's from Japan.  After striking out at the local stores trying to find a multi region dvd player I had a Facebook friend advise me to simply download VLC Player on my laptop and it would play without an issue.  So that's what I did, and it worked rather well.

Happy with it I sat down with the girlfriend and watched the whole thing that night.  This had me wanting more! So I set to looking at getting the remaining volumes along with the D1SL volumes.  I also started to look at Drift Tengoku DVDs and that's when I remembered Keiichi Tsuchiya's new serious "The Drift Muscle".  I set to looking those up and found that he's now working with Hot Version to produce those.  As I set to work on finding those I discovered something amazing!  Hot Version International on Vimeo!  They took the next step in the video/dvd world and are now starting to rent their DVD volumes on Vimeo, and not only are they doing that but they have included English subtitles in them!  It's fucking rad!  Totally worth checking out for anyone that's interested in killer Japanese drifting!