Tuesday, December 17, 2013

20v 4AGE Coil On Plug Distributor Cap

Just a quick shot of something I've been working on.  My friend Alec has an AE86 that he's swapping a 20v in.  One of the issues with the swap is the distributor on the back of the engine comes in contact with the firewall, to get around this you have the option of modifying the firewall (smashing it in a lot or cutting a portion of it out for the distributor and plug wires to fit) or doing a coil on plug conversion.  With the COP conversion it still retains the distributor, however the rotor is no longer needed so it can be cut down in size, and with a new shortened cap that doesn't have plug wires connecting to it the size is reduced enough to where the firewall doesn't need modified.

I had given the local machine shop the part file to have this made at the same time I had dropped off my custom steering arms.  Last Monday I had spoken with them and was told they would start machining them mid last week so they should be done this week...At least that's what I've been told, unfortunately things don't always go as planned especially since he has other larger customers that get the right of way to my small side projects.

Anyway I hope to have these parts in my hand by the end of the week and as soon as I do I'll make sure to post and update on it.


  1. Hey, wanting to do this too. You wouldnt happen to have the Solidworks file still or dimensions?

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