Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So lately I've been really working hard on some "logo" ideas for Technick Slide.  It's been super hard.  Spent a few months toying around with little sketches here and there but nothing really looked right.  Then a new Anime show came out that caught my eye.  It's called "Space Dandy".  Really diggin the show and found it to be super awesome.  So much I began thinking about getting a decal of the show title on the car.  That's when I was hit with a killer idea.  Replicate the show title with Technick Slide!

With the idea in my head I set to work.  First thing first, how to spell Technick Slide in Japanese... Got in touch with an old high school friend who moved to Japan to be a teacher.  Quickly he got back to me with some ideas for it and we both came down to the conclusion of going with テクニックスライド for the spelling.  It reads as "tekunikku suraido".  Now with that figured out it was time to sketch up a drawing.  Sorry it's not all that pretty, all I have to work with is Microsoft Paint so I did what I could without spending a crazy amount of time on it.

As for the Space Dandy logo that I replicated.  This is what it looks like.

Now I just need to get Adobe Illustrator so I can make a really nice version of it and have it made into a decal!

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