Thursday, June 12, 2014

Technick Slide Camber / Caster Plates Update!

Quick update on the plates.  Stopped by the machine shop today and picked up the completed plates.  Will begin testing on them next week.  I'm very excited to see how these work out!  Anyway, on with some pictures!

Here are a couple of photos with an old pillow ball mount I had laying around to show how nicely they bolt up and what the clearance is like for the shock bolt.  I kept the clearance down to a minimum that way these would only add a very small amount of height to the coilovers and save some weight.  Thankfully do to the Stance USA coilovers having the dampening adjustments on the bottom I was able to keep it down to less than an inch of added height!

I must say it's always an awesome feeling to see something go from an idea, to a drawing, then hold it in your hand.

For a little more info on these and what they do check out my previous post and make sure to keep your eyes on this page to see how testing goes!  I'll see you all soon!