Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quick Update On Becca's 510

It's been a while since I've posted on here.  Reason being is I haven't really been doing anything with my car lately.  However, that doesn't mean there haven't been some exciting things going on.  As you all know my beautiful girlfriend Becca has a 510 she's working on, and I must say it's really shaping up to be a super kick ass car.  Way cooler than mine and it could potentially drive better too!

I'm super excited for this build as it's starting to reach the final stages and will be road worthy soon!  For now here's a quick preview of the custom suspension I designed and Shiomi Garage fabbed up for the car.

Math is my best friend.  Thanks to finally working out how to make the calculations I was able to figure up an arm mount location for having Shiomi Garage modify some knuckles.

Now for some killer angle pics!  The math turned out perfectly, in fact all said and done the steering angle turned out to be a few degrees more than I had figured up on paper!

Travis was blown away with what we had accomplished!  Hopefully we'll be doing more of these, I would love to reach out to other chassis and have us start making knuckles for every car we can!

For now I'll stop here with the update and leave the rest to Becca.  She'll be starting a blog here soon which will have all the info on the build as well as more pictures than I can count.  Seriously, there's going to be a fuck ton of awesome pictures.  Like this one I just took the other day.

Until next time my friends!