Monday, September 29, 2014

515 Get Down 5 Recap

I know, I'm a good month late on this update but better late than never right?  Just last month I participated in a local car show.  I teamed up with my good friend Travis of Shiomi Garage and got a booth lined up for him to help promote the garage!  Not only did it help with promotions it also made for a really good time.

The night before the show people who were setting up booths got to come in and get things squared away.  The event was an indoor show held downtown Des Moines, IA at Hy-Vee Hall event center.

The night before we went in, got our cars lined up then hung out for a bit.  The line up consisted of Becca's 510, Luke's freshly painted S13, Travis's coupe, and my coupe, which made for a lovely little bunch of cars to show off the work he does.

The next morning we came in early to finish setting up by bringing a 50" TV as well as having Rodney of Imports USA hook it up with some awesome decals to put on the cars!  I finally got around to having a Technick Slide decal made!

I think the decal turned out awesome!  Good colour, awesome location, and surprisingly enough, doesn't really block my view at all when driving.

Becca was rather excited for the show to start! She couldn't wait to see what people though of her car and was also excited to show some Video Option DVD!

From what I could tell people were rather interested in everything that was there, they loved the Shiomi Garage booth!  At times there were nice groups of people hording the TV with their jaws dropped as they watched D1 drivers battle it out.  I even had a group of kids sit on the floor for a good half hour and just watch in amazement.  Hopefully it was inspirational enough for them to want to become drifters themselves!

I met a lot of new people, and saw a lot of new cars I hadn't noticed before, there was even a Nissan-Infiniti Club booth this year which was awesome to see!  This was the first time there was an actual Nissan crowd at a local show which goes to show the scene has been growing around here!

Like all good times, things eventually came to an end and it was time to head home, but quick before leaving I made sure to snap a few photos of the 510 before it found itself nuzzled away in a garage until spring.

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