Monday, October 6, 2014

Custom End Plates

For a while now I've been very intersted in the idea of running larger end plates on my wing.  The whole idea being they will help with being able to lay on the gas harder without spinning as easily.  Several drift cars have been using this and it appears to do a rather good job.  So, I took on the challenge and am now working on something of my own.

To start I opened up my trusty Formula Drift rule book and looked up what the largest size is you can use.  12x16 is what I found out so I started with that.  Cut out some 12x16 boards, drilled some holes and slapped them on the car.  Something about it didn't look right so to add a little touch of style to it I decided to notch a corner off the lower front portion of them so they didn't look too ridiculous.  Liking how they were looking I slapped some black paint on them and here's how they turned out.

I've had these on my car for a couple weeks now and I'm rather satisfied with the way they look, so I went ahead and ordered some aluminum plate and will be making the final ones here soon.  The current ones on the car were made from wood and are only meant to be a temporary thing.

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  1. I need that for my BCL wing. Where can i get those sides plates